Sivananda Yoga Vacation, Thailand

any 3 days between 6th October, 2024 & 3rd November, 2024

The popular Sivananda Yoga Vacation program creates an environment to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul through a supportive yoga immersion program. You can feel your busy life dissolving as the program progresses, improving general health and de-stressing of the mind all the while in the natural, nurturing, peaceful setting of the Phu Chai Sai Mountain Resort in Northern Thailand.

The intention of the Sivananda Yoga Vacation program is to create space, time and distance away from your regular schedule by integrating a yoga asana practice with the philosophy of yoga, all set within the Ashram’s routine. Following the daily practices of yoga asana, meditation and study develops a well rounded yoga practice, allowing one to gain a greater peace in life and understanding of oneself.

The Yoga Vacation program has been created to leave you feeling refreshed, centered, peaceful and inspired so that your experience can remain within your mind and your body when returning home.

The daily schedule is designed to enable time for complete rest and inner renewal while attending two yoga asana classes, consisting of the physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation; two nutritious wholesome vegetarian meals; two meditation, devotional chanting and spiritual teaching sessions per day. There are weekly walks amidst the beautiful natural abode of the mountains surrounding the resort. Other available options are use of the swimming pool and spa. Guidance is available by experienced staff members on how you can implement positive changes in your life and how you can continue a daily yoga practice after your enriching experience at the Phu Chai Sai Mountain Resort.

Upcoming batch

any 3 days
between 6th Oct & 3rd Nov 2024

Daily Schedule

5:30 am Wake up
6:00 am Satsang (or Silent Walk)
8:00 am Yoga class
10:00 am Brunch
10:45 am Karma Yoga (selfless service)
1:00 pm Optional Coaching Class
2:00 pm Lecture, Activity
4:00 pm Yoga class
6:00 pm Dinner
8:00 pm Satsang
10:00 pm Lights off

Please note 

  • Attendance at all Yoga classes and Satsangs is mandatory.
  • Friday is the day off, morning and evening satsangs are mandatory on this day as well.


Silent walk / Trekking


Dates & fee

any 3 days between 6th Oct – 3rd Nov 2024

  • AC cottage for 2 persons / 3 nights
    USD 220 per person via bank transfer
  • AC cottage for Single occupancy/3 nights
    USD 320 per person via bank transfer

Email for further enquiry: [email protected]